How do we keep our data up to date?

Yes, we do check all data sources on a weekly basis but we also rely on you, the eco-system, to keep the data up to date.

If you find a link that has changed or an amount that was recently updated, please let us know.

We built a collaborative reiteration tool into every product so we can listen to you.

How do you apply for the mentioned products and services?

If you find something that is of interest to you, click on the tile and a new window will open with the relevant information on eligibility, contact information and a link to the application form if applicable.

Why are there many search results that do not seem pertinent for me?

Some of the subsidies, grants or office space is open to all. Thus, even if you put in a very specific sector, you may end up with many results in the beginning. The trick is to use the left side bar and declick all the irrelevant information which will in turn update the results accordingly.

Why does the system not show me any results?

Even though we mapped as many funding opportunities as we found available, there may not be a funding service available for you, in your sector within your specifications.