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Our history

Back in 2017, Equilibre, a think tank, conducted multiple research projects on the Luxembourgish entrepreneurial ecosystem.The think tank concluded that one of the most important factors for a flourishing entrepreneurial eco-system was clear Access to Finance opportunities as was identified through the study “Mapping female entrepreneurship in Luxembourg”, financed by the Ministry of Economy. Furthermore, enhanced transparency and availability of information was identified as a catalyst for an eco-system.Through another research paper conducted later on the topic of “Finance options for female entrepreneurs”, partially financed by the Ministry of Equality and with the operational help from the House of Entrepreneurship, Equilibre was now in the possession of a compilation of most funding sources in Luxembourg and beyond.

Entrepreneurship = Pursuit of Opportunity & Positive Impact

But what to do with a dataset which was not meant for the public but rather as a research paper? As information on the existence of a non structured database became more commonly known, Agile Partners approached Equilibre to discuss what possibilities this dataset could bring to the eco-system. They saw the need of a more structured approach and offered to partner up to provide the software platform the data desperately needed. Months of brainstorming, development, testing and reiterations to the services, software and the dataset created what you see today. An amazing collaborative effort to deliver the information in a searchable, uncomplicated and transparent way which can be easily kept up to date through a custom made back-office.

Transparency through diversity

This tool was born out of the idea to support the local eco-system. It started as a collaboration between multiple actors, including many meetings with all the providers you will find on the site, and we rely on you to keep funding.lu up to date. Even though we do check the data weekly, we need you to help the eco-system stay up to date. Thus, the idea of collaboration for the greater good stays alive even after we go live. If you find a link that has changed or an amount that was recently updated, please let us know. We built a collaborative reiteration tool into every product so we can listen to you.

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